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Adjustable Laptop Desk for Working from Bed

Made For Movement

For the 8-12 hours a day you are on a laptop, don't imprison your body in a chair. Stand, kneel, squat, sit cross-legged, recline, and lie down.

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Now Introducing

The Anywhere Desk

The human body was made for movement, and the mind feeds on variety. Change up your posture and your location with Lunadesk® to dodge the health pitfalls of staying in one spot too long while also stimulating your creativity with diverse settings -- think kitchen, porch, bedroom, poolside, and more. 

Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle

If your day primarily revolves around a laptop, the ideal laptop desk isn't just a matter of convenience, comfort, or budget. It's about aligning with the lifestyle your body craves.

work from home sit stand desks

A MUST for anyone seeking a more ergonomic and sustainable work flow. When I tried out the prototype, my desk set up was the envy of all my co-workers.

Meghan Moody
North Conway, New Hampshire
laptop desk for floor sitting

The ability to use this while sitting on the floor is a game-changer. I don't know any other products that do that and can also turn a work desk into a standing desk.

Cameron Spoor
Austin, Texas

The Lunadesk honestly changed how I work! Being able to move between so many different positions around my apartment made working at my laptop a whole new experience.

Garrett Cox
Austin, Texas

Honor Your Evolution

Humans evolved to be on the ground. Children live on the floor. Many cultures value floor sitting.
It's time to return to the positions that our bodies naturally love.

Lightweight & Durable

Despite weighing only 10 pounds, the Lunadesk® is crafted from bamboo that's harder than oak or maple. You can confidently rest your elbow on the trays without any wobbling.

Lifelong Quality

The Lunadesk® is constructed with bamboo, aluminum panels, and stainless steel hardware, ensuring durability that stands the test of time.

Oversized White Board Trays

The Lunadesk's® 10 x 20-inch trays can fit any laptop, and you can draw or doodle directly on them with a dry-erase marker.

Made in the USA

The Lunadesk® is made in small batches in Maine to reduce waste. We source all our materials from American manufacturers.

small home office sit stand desk

Stay Organized

The Lunadesk's® 10 x 20-inch trays are designed to accommodate any laptop, and they double as a canvas for drawing or doodling with a dry-erase marker.

ergonomic standing desk

Keep Your Spine Happy

Your head naturally seeks to rise atop a strong, upright spine, while your arms prefer resting with open shoulders. That's why the Lunadesk® features two surfaces, effortlessly converting any desk or table into a standing desk.

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